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Hi there, my name is Janine!

I am a South African born artist, and have been living in Norway with my amazing husband and sweet two little ones for the last 4 years. My days are generally filled with laundry, dishes and paintbrushes:)

oh and coffee, loooots of coffee! LoL :)


I have always had a great passion for being creative and believe that art has the power to connect us to our emotions, a way of speaking to your soul. Out of all things that inspire me to create, my greatest inspiration comes from nature and I portray this in most of my art. 

Born to be creative, I have many artistic passions from painting, to knitting & pottery and I have worked very hard over the last 4 years perfecting and learning as much as I can, 

all with one purpose- to uplift and inspire.

Each person who has been touched by my art has felt this to some extent.

I committed to this journey as a full time artist and started Niena's Studio out of obedience to a calling I have felt for many years but never had the courage to do.


So this is me, introducing myself and welcoming you to follow along on this journey of me living my best creative life.  

They say your eyes are the window to your soul, I also believes it feeds your soul.”

- Janine Delport

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