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April Blog- The Inner voice

Slowly but surely I find my inner voice coming back...

This month was particularly hard, not in a sense of “needing social media” hard but more in a peeling back the layers to find my own voice.

If anything I realise more with every month how much social media affects me as a creative!

Scrolling through Insta and seeing the thousands of other artists, it’s easy to get overstimulated with visual imagery and be influenced by it subconsciously, or sometimes even consciously.

Seeing another artist’s work, who has been more successful than you and comparing their work to yours - then thinking maybe I should rather do something like this or maybe something like that artist…. Only to loose yourself in the end.

Probably the best thing from this social media break is knowing that whatever I create comes out of my own creative inner self. And I love seeing how it grows and evolves.

This month I’ve taken longer breaks between paintings and have spent more time doing things around the house including much needed spring cleaning (very fitting - since spring has finally sprung😅) 

Looking back at this month initially I thought maybe this month I had a bit slower progress and I hadn’t had that much growth.

But my mind somehow feels clearer, less crowded with judgement and expectations I put there for myself. Creatively I feel more ambitious and open to allow myself room to explore. Combining different mediums and creating whatever feels good and right for me, and not what I think people want to see has been so liberating.

I felt drawn to try painting some bigger flowers, with more detail to them. And really enjoyed my water soluble oil pastels lately so I thought to try and create these large flower paintings using my pastels with an added detail, a touch of my metallic watercolours.

And I adore these! I’m so happy with how they came out, and am surprised at how easy I find creating these. 

These will be added to my collection of paintings to be released on my website in July🤩

I still have 3 more months left of no social media, and my intent is to lean more into creating whatever inspires me most- whether that be art, or clay projects or maybe more knitting😊

I’m happy to share whatever it will be in next months blog😋



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