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How I find inspiration for my art.

Can you believe it! This month will be my 5th month of no social media🤯

It has also been my birthday month🤩 and just maybe because I'm one year wiser, I feel like I finally have a clearer vision of what and how I want to continue my art journey.

As a creative, I am constantly inspired and drawn to different things. My creativity functions like it's own personality.

Sometimes it's happy sometimes it's sad.

It has curls and waves, highs and lows.

And it's because of this I am constantly moving between mediums and love trying different techniques and different things.

I think it's also because of this that I never find myself in Artist block, I have so many things that inspire me to be creative. and this is not necessarily only painting. I have focussed much of my online presence in sharing only that- the art and not so much the rest of me and my creativity.

Which is where the shift comes in...

Shifting my focus from sharing only art, to sharing all of me and my creativity. Which will give me a much broader spectrum of creativity to share, from DIY projects to making things with airdry clay to even knitting projects.

All of which fills my creative cup and I hope that by sharing it, you either learn something new and may even be inspired to try any of the projects I have shared yourself.

Or to just enjoy watching me make them from an entertainment perspective.

Watch my latest art vlog here ⬇️

With regards to whether I will be returning to social media at the end of my 6 month hiatus?

Yes I will be returning to my Insta people, BUT I will be shifting my focus more towards creating youtube videos like this ⬆️ Using social media as a second way to reach people.

But I feel like by creating content like this, you get a much better overall perspective of me and my creativity vs Instagram or Tiktok which is all just quick fixes and trend focussed.

I am not trying to be trendy, I just want to create what I love and share it for others to enjoy.

Sounds simple enough right?

For the love of all things creative


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