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a white table with neatly arranged with paint utensils, knitting needles and wool, also so

ABOUT Niena's Studio

Hi and Welcome!

I am so grateful for you and happy you’re here.

My name is Janine (aka Niena) and I am a creative soul with a passion for all things creative.

Find your next creative project inspo here.

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A look at my latest creations

About Niena's Studio

My Artistic Journey

Hey there! Niena's Studio is not only an online art store, but also a place to find creative inspiration. Run by Janine herself, she's all about creativity and expressing the beauty of life through her art.

Niena wants to inspire others to live creatively too! Check out her collection and find the perfect piece to add some creativity to your space.

Clay Texture
White Background
Beauty comes from within, and I love creating beautiful things that comes from my deepest truest self and sharing it with you!

Get in touch

Kristiansand, Norway

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